My world is a sun-drenched whirlwind of travel adventures. From boat parties in Miami to spiritual getaways and regular stints in Bali as well as exploring the beautiful beaches of my home country, Australia.
I’m happiest when i’m ‘chasing the summer’ – wherever in the world that may be.

As someone who’s rarely out of a bikini or swimsuit, it seemed appropriate to launch my own swimwear label, and at the age of 21, Aloé Swimwear was born! My goal is to showcase my designs and swimwear on the beautiful beaches and resorts around the world. Through Aloé Swimwear, I design premium yet affordable swimwear which is available internationally online and via a selection of hand picked stockists.

I’ve studied events, media and communication and have a strong background in fashion, marketing, PR and advertising having previously worked at a publishing firm. I thrive on being creative, unique and endeavour to offer the most beautiful, seamless, reversible and premium yet affordable swimwear.

This brings me to newest project… Meet Aloé & Chloe Blog, here I’ll share with you a more in depth series into all things Aloé & Chloe.

Over the past few years a following has not only been built for @aloeswimwear but also a large personal following and fan base through @chloechapman. They want to know where my clothes are from, what my beauty regime is and where I staying during my frequent travels!


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