Aloé Angel: Nat Darcas

Nat wears our Hayman One Piece in Luxe Mono

Say hello to our latest Aloé Angel… Nat Darcas (@natdarcas) our half American, half French little beauty.

This blonde bombshell blow us away while shooting our most recent campaign, ‘Casual Coastal’ (Shop the campaign here). We chatted with Nat while she was gallivanting around Europe about the modelling industry, travel, skin regimes and guilty pleasures.

For your reading pleasure, enjoy…

What is your favourite piece from the campaign and what do you love so much about Aloé?

The Hayman One Piece. Such a classic style but also super flattering! I found myself loving all the pieces really, the type of bathers you could wear again and again and again.

What is the average day in your life like?

Honestly, every day is completely different. With each job there comes a new experience, in varying studios around LA or entirely new cities and countries which is all apart of the thrill. When I’ve got a time to myself you’ll find me getting my morning coffee, followed by a pilates class then cooking up some breakie at home. It’s days like this that allow me to recoup and catch up on my life admin!


Nat wear our Balmoral Bottoms in Odyssey

Favourite travel destination and why?

I’ve got to say Italy. I recently just got back from a week in traveling the glorious region of Tuscany and loved everything about it. From their language to their indulgent food and rich culture. Oh my goodness. It was truly a slice heaven!

3 things you can’t live without…

My parents, coffee, running shoes.

How and when did you get your start in the modelling world?

I started modelling as soon as I finished year 12 taking the plunge and moving from my home town in Melbourne to the hustle and bustle of Sydney. Soon after the move I secured a contract with Chic Model Management and the rest is history!

Nat wears our Split Top in Marble

No. 1 skincare product you swear by?

I love Aspect Doctors Exfoliating Cleanser and Hydration Mask. I discovered their products about a year and a half ago and I haven’t felt the need to try anything else since!

Current guilty pleasure?

Nothing beats chocolate and a good afternoon nap.

Cats or Dogs? Tea or Coffee? City or Beach? Messy or Clean?

Cats, coffee, beach, clean.

Quote you live by?

“The glass is half full”

Follow Nat on IG > @natdarcas

Shop our collection ‘CASUAL COASTAL’ here!

BTS of our ‘Casual Coastal’ Campaign

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