5 minutes with #AusNTM Jordan Simek

3.pngJordan wears our Clovelly Top and Bronte Bottoms in Odyssey

If we had to describe Jordan Simek in three words it would be… divine, unique, and INCREDIBLY gorgeous. (Okay, four words). We spent an amazing sunny day shooting at Whale Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with this down to earth Aussie beauty. Jordan captivated us with her grounded nature and she couldn’t have been more lovely. She kept the laughs rolling in all day.

Now, not only is she on this seasons Australia’s Next Top Model (starting tonight!) but she has already made a huge name for herself shooting with some top labels around the country. We sat down with Jordan and chatted to her about life as a model and the incredible career that is about to launch her bright future!


ALOÉ: You are the face of our 2016 1st summer range, ‘Driftwood’. We absolutely loved shooting with you! What is it about your job you love the most?

JORDAN: Thankyou!

Thank you so much, I had so much fun shooting with you guys. It’s really nice to work with such a hard working collaborative team. I feel like it’s so much easier to ace the shots you’re after when you have beautiful people that surround you, it creates the best vibes.

I think the one thing that I adore about my job is working with diverse people, networking and seeing people so passionate about their career. There is not one time I have been on set where I’m working with people that don’t love their job! Every single person is passionate and thriving for the best so the outcome of a shoot is most definitely positive. Again not only working with good people but also seeing a different side of the world, traveling and visiting picture perfect places that I would never in my life have thought have going to. And I guess the best part of shooting is seeing the end result! Getting those images back that you have been waiting months to see and knowing how hard everyone worked on that shoot, just to see the final product is extremely satisfying.

So I guess you could say I love every aspect of my job haha.

JordanSimek2Jordan wears our Bilgola Top and Bondi  Bottoms in Dragon Fruit

ALOÉ: We think you’re extremely stunning and made for the job! What made you get into modelling?

JORDAN: Thank you so much I really appreciate that!

To be honest I never wanted to do modeling, I know that is a bit depressing to say but its true. I think when I was younger there was a lot of stigma set on models being dumb, up themselves etc. I guess it turned me off, it wasn’t until I started doing some casual modeling for friends and family (for assignments) where I found that it wasn’t all that bad and I actually enjoyed doing it! Whether to continue professionally or not was a decision that kind of brushed over my mind, I was then given an ultimatum by one of my friends where I made the choice to try and apply for some agencies. I was in need of some extra money when I was in college after school. Funnily enough I heard back quite quickly. From there I loved every second of building my portfolio and working on a new story every shoot.

ALOÉ: Social media is a huge part of a models job these days. How do you keep your content fresh and interesting? You have such a huge following already…

JORDAN: Yes it really is! Social media has become one of the biggest platforms for models these days to connect and network with brands to get their name out there!

I guess its hard keeping your content fresh all the time because although I do modeling, I also lead a normal life with a part time job so its not always so glamorous.
When I have time to myself or am out with friends I try and make the place we visit interesting, such as being outdoors or seeking out cute cafes with incredible food. This is where I can not only have a beautiful fresh time with my friends but also take the opportunity to capture the day with some bright colorful photos.

Also, knowing your followers is a massive aspect. Knowing what they want to see based on likes and comments, from here that’s where you can target your photos and content accordingly and a lot of the time the stress of posting becomes effortless because you are being YOU! And if people don’t like it its ok because you are just altering your type of followers 🙂

As well as maintaining consistency with not only posts but the type of photos you are posting, with colouring etc. I try and keep my images quite vibrant and fresh closest to its natural image just enhanced, I don’t use filters, I manually edit.

2.pngJordan wears our Collaroy Top and Bronte Bottoms in Mint Boho

ALOÉ: What’s the best place your job has taken you to date?

JORDAN: Well, I haven’t travelled to much. Although one of my close modeling friends and I got the opportunity to go to the Torres straight islands and to specifically Thursday island. It was amazing to see the culture and how beautiful the islands really are you felt on the other side of the world but really its just on your door step.

ALOÉ: Tell us your favourite holiday destination and why?

JORDAN: My favourite holiday destination would have to be somewhere were I can go shopping, relax, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and there MUST be a BEACH!

I don’t typically have a favourite destination, as I have so much of the world yet to explore! As long as I’m relaxed on a beach with the ones I love that I’m happy!

Jordan7Jordan wears our Clovelly Top and Shelly Bottoms in Mint Boho

ALOÉ: What is a normal day like for you?

JORDAN: I don’t typically have a normal day in the life of “Jord” so I constantly have to adjust my days to what I am doing, where I’m going and how busy I am. But it would go something like this:

  • Get up and workout for an hour / I have to workout in the morning otherwise I will never do it, lets just say I get lazy 😉
  • Get ready for work/ the day that I have planned (roughly takes me 30-45mins)
  • …. doing the things ….
  • Depending if I’m working at the bar I sometimes get home late and its pretty much straight to bed for me!
  • Oh and I never have a weekend, always on the run!

ALOÉ: What do you like to do to stay fit?

JORDAN: For me personally, I HAVE to work out first thing in the morning! Otherwise it simply just doesn’t happen. I get lazy and make excuses for myself really.

I get up first thing in the morning and workout for an hour.

I typically do 20-30mins of cardio first/ fasted cardio works better for me because I am burning all the nasties from yesterday J also I feel like it prevents me having some sort of stitch, without having food in my tummy, but that’s just me.

After cardio I do a mixture of core, legs and glute exercises. These are all body weighted exercises or with ankle weights. I don’t use machines due to preference.

I also go to Pilates classes! I absolutely love them, I do mat classes and reformer semi private studio classes.

Jordan6Jordan wears our Clovelly Top and Bronte Bottoms in Odyssey

ALOÉ: Do you have a favourite recipe you like to cook?

JORDAN: I love all foods! My mum has to be the best cook in the world! She is extremely savvy with her foods and nutrition always researching she is.

So I learn a lot from her, we live on acres so we do grow a lot of our own produce including honey J My mum and I cook together a lot and I can not pin point what my favourite recipe is!

ALOÉ: What songs do you have on repeat right now?

JORDAN: I am obsessed with music, but not just trending music, things people haven’t heard of. I love finding new hits and undiscovered artists. I’m loving Drake and Rihanna’s new albums at the moment, they are super interesting, catchy and fresh. I also love listening to electro house music, something with a good beat.

My guilty pleasures are the Justin’s…. Bieber and Timberlake …. LOVE!

ALOÉ: You got to shoot in so many new styles and prints of our Aloé suits! Do you have a favourite?

JORDAN: OOOOOhhhh … that’s such a hard one! I had so much fun on the day seeing some sneaky new styles. They are all absolutely beautiful! I would have to say that one of my favourites is the turquoise blue and green zig zags! They are super cute, flattering and make your tan look even better! Oh, and I adore the little gold highlighting in them, the styles this season are amazing cant wait to grab one myself!

Jordan9Jordan wears our Bilgola Top and Bondi  Bottoms in Dragon Fruit

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Model: Jordan Simek

H&M: Rose Mossman from My Addiction Makeup

Photography: James Billing

Styling: Chloe Chapman & Kaede Ker

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