Meet our Whitsundays winners!


Last month we teamed up with Entourage Tours, Hello Hair and FallenBrokenStreet to giveaway the trip of a lifetime! The prize… one week sailing through the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands. The lucky winners also received Aloé suits, FallenBrokenStreet hats and Hello Hair treatment packs.

We caught up with the winners Mia and Dannica, to hear all about the trip.


Mia wears Collaroy Top and Shelly Bottoms in Odyssey.

ALOÉ: Why did you enter the competition and how did you hear about it?

MIA: I heard about the trip because I followed FallenBrokenStreet and Aloé Swimwear on insta! I decided to enter because Dannica and I are in Australia for an exchange/study abroad program on the Gold Coast and thought it would be an amazing opportunity in order to explore the country we are staying in.

ALOÉ: You must have been ecstatic when you found out you won. What was your reaction when you found out you were the lucky winner? Have you ever won anything like this in the past?

MIA: I was SO excited when I found out I won!! I was walking back home from classes with Dannica and realized that Entourage Tours followed me on insta and I was like ‘OMG…. I THINK I WON!!’ And right after that they messaged me and asked if I was free during those dates! I have never won a trip before but I have won many Instagram competitions just giving out merchandise so this was extra special.

ALOÉ: We want to hear all about your trip! What did you do? Where did you go? Tell us everything!

MIA: The trip was amazing! We started out in Airlie Beach and stayed one night in a hotel before boarding the boats. The next day we went food shopping and alcohol shopping for our boat which had 9 people staying on it. We got on the boats and sailed around to Whitehaven Beach, Nara Inlet, Hayman Island, and many more other places. We jumped off the boats, snorkeled, paddle boarded, got pulled around on floats, had a white party and of course partied with the other boats! We ended our trip docking at Hamilton Island, which was so beautiful. We stayed one night on the boat there and our final night in a hotel. The trip was everything I hoped for and more!!


ALOÉ: What was your favourite part of the trip with Entourage Tours? Would you recommend this trip to a friend?

MIA: My favorite part of the trip was definitely meeting all the amazing people who accompanied me on the trip! Dannica and I were really lucky to meet Alana who has a travel blog @takemetheretraveller who is from the Gold Coast who told us about some amazing spots to see near our school while we are here. I’d recommend the trip in a heartbeat!

ALOÉ: Do you now have a favourite spot in the Whitsundays?

MIA: My favourite spot was definitely Whitehaven Beach just because of the white sand and beautiful water.

ALOÉ: What are 3 things you never go on a summer holiday without?

MIA: 3 things I always bring on summer holiday are obviously my favourite bikini, sunnies, and never can forget sunscreen!

ALOÉ: You won one of our swimsuits in the package, had you heard of Aloé Swimwear before this competition? What do you love about your new suit?

MIA: I had heard of Aloe Swimwear before because I followed on Instagram! My new suit is amazing! I love how its reversible and I especially love how the bottoms fit. They are extra tiny just how I like them (:


Dannica wears Bilgola Top and Shelly Bottoms in Mint Boho.

ALOÉ: How exciting to be taken along on a trip to the Whitsundays! What was your reaction when Mia told you she was taking you with her?! How long have you and Mia been friends?

DANNICA: Mia showed me the contest on Instagram and I entered along with her so we could have double the chances. So going in we both knew either way whoever won we would be going together! Mia and I came together to Australia visiting from San Diego and we have been friends since our first year at our university. So over 2 years!

ALOÉ: It was such a quick turnaround to prepare for the trip. Did you have to cancel any plans or make any last minute decisions?

DANNICA: Well it was a very quick turnaround. We did not have any set in stone plans but we had to skip our second week of classes at our university… but it was worth it!!

ALOÉ: What was your favourite thing about the Whitsundays?

DANNICA: My favourite part of the Whitsundays was definitely the beauty of my surroundings. It was amazing seeing all the different islands and the uniqueness of each one.


ALOÉ: We saw some AMAZING photos from the trip! How did you spend your days on the boat?

DANNICA: While on the boat we did a lot of sun tanning, drinking, and of course dancing. The water was a little cold so you had to be pretty brave to jump in, but some of us did!

ALOÉ: Did you have a favourite part of the trip with Entourage Tours?

DANNICA: My favorite part of the trip was meeting so many new people that I hope to keep in contact with even once I leave Australia!

ALOÉ: What songs were on repeat during the trip?

DANNICA: Every night the same songs were played over and over again. Mostly all throwbacks, but King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar was probably played over 100 times.

ALOÉ: You won one of our swimsuits in the package, had you heard of Aloé Swimwear before this competition? What do you love about your new suit?

DANNICA: I hadn’t heard of Aloé Swimwear before but I love my new suit!! I love how one side is solid and one side is a colorful print!


Follow Dannica and Mia on Instagram to see more of their amazing Whitsundays holiday.

@me.uhhh and @dannica_heyman

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