5 minutes with Two Much DJs

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We caught up with our two favourite gal pals, Karina Chorley and Tori Levett, from two piece DJ set, Two Much DJ’s. Check out what they had to say about secret hidden eateries in Greece, where the two of them met and their favourite Euro destination!


You just spent some time travelling around Europe – which looked amazingggg! Can you tell us, what was the best place you visited? 

Cinque Terre was our favorite! We’d been traveling around spots in Europe away from the ocean so it was amazing to get back in there!

We loved the look of your Mykonos adventure. Can you give us the low down… The best places to stay? The best places to eat? Where to go out? And what to do during the day? We want to know it all!

We loved Hotel Cavotago and Harmony Boutique hotel for accommodation, Scorpio for drinks and tunes for sunset and we thought Harmony Boutique actually had the best Greek food! We loved just finding little secret spots hidden away in the alley ways to eat 🙂



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We believe travel is all about living in the moment! What was the most spontaneous thing you did on your trip?

Probably just going to Amsterdam. We basically just said hey should we go and spontaneously booked it.

You recently started your DJ venture together, Two Much DJs. How long have you been doing this for? 

Almost a year now and it’s been a crazy adventure so far!


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Where did you two meet? And how did it come about that you would start DJ-ing together? 

We actually met on the dance floor, front left speaker! We always loved the same music and went to the same events and that’s pretty much where it all started.

You must have the ultimate travel playlist. What track did you have on repeat during your Europe vacay?

We had a few favourites for different moods and situations haha…

Chilling: Promise Me (Cousin Cole and Nancy edit) – Misun

Sing along: The Sign – Ace of Base

When you wanna get pumped up: Chubby cheek – The Glitz and also.. Titty Compass – Kill Frenzy

For train rides and long public transport where you want to feel inspired: What So Not – Lone



Karina wears our Odyssey colour way in the Collaroy Top and Shelly Bottoms.

Tori wears our Wild colour way in the Bilgola Top and Shelly Bottoms.


What are your top 5 must have items you wont travel abroad without?!

Headphones, a Fallen Broken Street hat, UE Boom, ROC boots and a life proof phone case.

What’s next for Two Much DJ’s? Can you give us an insight to your plans for the upcoming months? Where can we see you?!

We are playing at the the ABrand Denim Summer Campaign Launch, Four Walls Collective Presents Mickey Kojak and Barney Cools Presents Motez for the month of August when we are in Aus. Then we are off to America, Mexico and Your Paradise Fiji for the rest of the year and we’ll be back in Aus for another crazy Australian summer.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Keep up to date with the girls and all of their adventures on their Instagram @twomuchdjs

Listen to their track ‘Two Much of Something’ here.

We recently spent a week sailing around the beautiful coast of Croatia with Karina and Tori. Check out some photos from the trip below.

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