Pow Mow

Theres those times in your life where you get to experience those pinch yourself moments… well in April this year, I got to experience one of those moments, take a look!

IMG_3462My man Paul and his DJ partner Leigh (better know as Cutsnake – listen here!)  were invited to play at the annual Summit Series on Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah (I was fortunate enough to tag along).

Boy was it an absolutely incredible experience to say the least. For those of you who may not know much about the Summit Series, “Summit is made up or entrepreneurs and artists, neuro-scientists and musicians, non-profit founders and global explorers, humble innovators and diverse thinkers from around the world”


In 2013, Powder Mountain was purchased by Summit (for $40 million USD!!); Summit’s big idea for Powder Mountain is the Summit Series  … its an annual conference for young entrepreneurs. As Summit explains, they hope to make Powder Mountain an “an epicenter of innovation, culture, and thought leadership.”

While that might be intriguing for “thought leaders,” most guests (like me, guilty!) will be more intrigued with the insane amounts of POW and the yummiest on-mountain food and bev options. Make sure you check out the resort’s clean and cosy lodge life and the North Fork Table and Tavern mountain side in Eden!

We stayed in a three bedroom condo in Wolf Creek, yes I repeat, Wolf Creek!! (Americans have not heard of our Aussie horror film Wolf Creek and were unsure as to why I was so sceptical of staying there). All nightmares aside, the lodge was beautiful! It was cosy, clean, comfortable and we were lucky enough to score the only condo with a jacuzzi right outside our bedroom door.


To top the trip off, as it was the last weekend of the season we literally had the WHOLE mountain to ourselves!! To put this into perspective, the mountain has over 7,000 acres of board-able terrain, 144 runs, snowcat skiing, side country skiing, backcountry tours and two terrain parks, its the largest ski resort by acreage in the United States – safe to say we had some fun…

If you want to take a further look into the Summit concept take a few minutes to watch the vid below, its a pretty amazing concept!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sounds like a great experience – great pics!


  2. Ros says:

    Fab fab fab…..lucky lucky lucky
    The pics are amazing….


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