4 yoga moves for complete relaxation

Ultimate yoga babe Eliza Huolohan, founder of Divine Flow Yoga, shares with us her 4 favourite yoga poses to help you achieve complete relaxation. We love getting a little zen at the Aloé HQ and these moves definitely inspire us to start our day the right way, balanced and alive.

Take time to nourish your mind and body. As we move through our yoga asana, bring awareness to your breath (pranayama). Our breath awakens our life force energy (Prana). The idea of yoga is not to breath more rather to practice the way you inhale and exhale, deepening and slowing the quality of your breath” – Eliza



Firstly, lets get grounded! Knees wide to the edge of your mat, touch your big toes together and sink your hips down towards your heels on an exhale. Start to breathe consciously here, lengthening on your inhale to expand through the side ribs and soften as you surrender on your exhale. I love a childs pose anytime really, as it gently stretches the hips, thighs and ankles and on a spiritual side it calms the brain and helps relieve stress and fatigue. I always encourage my students to take balasana to reconnect with their breath to soften their practice if needed.




One of my absolute favourites especially of an evening. It strengthens and stretches the inner and back legs which is a total must after a long day! During this pose you can release your arms to the floor on an exhale whilst enjoy the benefits of toning your abdominal organs and relieves any backache by releasing tension in the spine. I love folding forward and letting the energy cascade down my spine hydrating my spinal discs not to mention this also calms and soothes the brain.




Palms and elbows together at heart centre, gently raise your arms over heard you will feel a gentle flow through the shoulders and triceps it also dissolves tension at the base of your neck and shoulders. Indulge inwards as your feet anchor into your mat creating your personal foundation to hold you upright in a strong upright position.




Lets end our practice together in heros pose, to further enhance this pose turns your hands into reversed prayer hands but of course not essential, palms may rest on your thighs. This is a gentle way to stretch the thighs, knees and ankles. At Divine Flow we use this pose to deepen our breath with deep yogic belly breathing. With one hand on your belly, relax your abdominal muscles, and slowly inhale through the nose, bringing air into the bottom of your lungs. This expands the lower part of the lungs, then exhale gently from the top of your lungs to the bottom. Repeat for 10 breaths close your eyes.



Join Eliza at her boutique studio Divine Flow Yoga, located on Sydney’s pristine Northern Beaches. Visit www.divineflowyoga.com to book your class in and find balance in your busy world. Look forward to upbeat tunes whilst ‘practicing with passion’ in her light and fun classes.




About Eliza 

Eliza lives a holistic life living and breathing yoga and meditation. Her aim is ‘to rejuvenate and assist people with finding their inner essence’. Eliza opened her studio in April 2016 where she teaches Vinyasa Yoga, an inspiring class for mind and body inspiring students to incorporate yoga as a work-in, instead of a work out.



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