#BETTERFORIT with @nikewomen


NTC Tour Sydney #NTCSquadGoals

New year – agh, new you… is how the saying goes. But for me this year it was more like – New Year – New Mates, 3 smoking hot new mates for me!

Im counting my lucky stars, because this year Nike Women gifted the ULTIMATE girl squad to tackle my ‘new you’ goals of 2016.



I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to do it with, it’s so very inspiring working with such independent women all with total #GIRLBOSS attitudes.

In my corner I had Caitlyn Paterson, Brooke Hogan & Carissa Walford – can you blame me that by the end I had a total girl crush on all of them, despite some absolutely horrid (we’re not that close of friends) stories being told, i’m looking at you Carissa! 😉

Thanks to our friends over at Pedestrian TV, you can meet and read up on my ladies here!

We were set a challenge, 12 weeks of HIIT sessions, dance lessons and boxing all in the lead up to the NTC Tour Sydney.

A 5 hour long sweat session with 2,500+ inspiring, kick ass ladies – all with the same goal, to be #BETTERFORIT!


During our journey – our friends over at Pedestrian TV kept a good eye on us…

They followed all our movements, tracked <most> of our meals (see whats in my fridge here!) and kept up to date with all our favourite training programs on the Nike App (check it out here) – which may I add is SO easy to use, AND perfect for those on the go like myself!

Join the party and comment below and let me know your favourite training program on the Nike App!


Thanks for stopping by – hope you enjoyed a laugh at some of my not so stylish training postures AND I hope to see you all next year at the NTC Tour Sydney!

Chloe xx

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