Aloé Angel: Maddie Islaub

The clouds finally opened up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches last week. So we took our very first Aloè Angel Maddie down to Narrabeen lake to capture some beautiful, classic moments.

The morning sun was like a breathe of fresh air for this perfect Summers day. We wandered through the banana leaves, frolicked in a little bit of mud (seriously!) and lusted over all the gorgeous palms. 

5 minutes with Maddie:

As a lover of all things sun, beach and bikinis, what’s your favourite travel destination?

That’s a hard one! For tropical getaways nothing to me beats Bali, I just can’t stop going back. The people are beautiful, every spot you go is beautiful! The food is fresh, the weather, the vibes. Everything in Bali is just easy! I always come back feeling so revitalized and inspired! I do also love LA and NYC.

 What are your top 5 tips for leading a healthy, happy lifestyle?

 Surrounding yourself with good people, family/friends, laughing, good energy and positive thoughts always. I’d call myself a healthy person. I make sure I look after myself, eat well and exercise often. But It’s important not to let it consume you, there has to be balance. You can’t be too strict you need to still be able to enjoy all the good things and indulge. That to me is so important to stay happy and healthy!

 Tell us how you like to spend your time off?

 On my days off I love going to the beach and finding new spots to eat. I’ve grown up always spending so much time at the beach and it’s just the spot that calms you nothing like jumping in the ocean, being salty and being in the sun.

What is number one on your bucket list?

Number one on my bucket list, Ah I have so many things I want to tick off…I could go on all day. I actually just hiked 25kms up a volcano in New Zealand, which was pretty amazing!

 What’s your all time favourite Aloè suit?!

Favourite Aloe Suit…I am loving them all! But the Bilgola top with the Chloe bottoms are probably my favourite style at current!

Below Maddie wears our best selling Bilgola Top (Shop Here) and Shelly Bottoms (Shop Here) in ODYSSEY as well as Raen Sunglasses.

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