RAD LIVIN’: Q & A with Chloe

Chloe wearing our Avalon Top (Shop Here) and our Narrabeen Bottoms (Shop Here) in WILD
Chloe is a passionate adventure-seeker whose self-determination led her to making her dreams a reality. Her journey started in true Don’t Tell Summer form, traveling back and forth between Australia and America, and always ending up in a swimsuit. She decided that she wasn’t going to go back to the status quo of a nine-to-fiver and so she took the leap to create Aloé. From idea to manufacturing, to getting Aloé out there, Chloe shares with us what goes on behind the dream.
Meet Chloe…
Where are you in the world?
Plantation Island in Fiji for the Your Paradise Festival! It’s incredibly beautiful here.
When did the inspiration for Aloé first come about?
I was living in California in 2013, constantly chasing summers between Australia and the US, I was always in a swimsuit! I definitely wasn’t looking forward to coming back to a Monday – Friday 9-5 job back home. I had always dreamed of starting my own business, so I just took a leap! After a few trips back and forth to Bali, Aloé was born later that year. It all happened very quickly… But I’m so glad I took the punt. I haven’t looked back since! 

What did you need to do in order to go from having the designs be an idea to making them into a swimwear line? 

I had a small team that I originally worked with. First, I sketched up my desired designs, then I sat down with a few creative partners and deliberated…

I have an incredible manufacturer in Bali who produces my patterns, samples and then in time, manufactures the suits for me. Initially, there were defintiely a few trips back and forth to Bali for fittings (Im not complaining though… There are worse places to take business trips!) and perfecting the product and sizing. I started with a collection of about 50 bikinis across different styles and colour ways, which has now moved into the thousands! There is a huge amount of work though that goes into each and every collection but it’s my dream and passion, so I wouldn’t trade my career for the world.

Aloé Swimwear Bilgola Top (Shop Here) and our Chloe Bottoms (Shop Here)

It’s a great feeling knowing that Aloé has now gone global, this was in my 5 year plan, but for it to have gone global in the first 6 months is a dream come true! We currently have 9 International stockists, soon to be more in 2016.

What’s it like getting Aloe out into the world? Do you have any tips for aspiring designers who are wanting to get their work out there?

My advice to anyone starting their own label would have to be; be confident in your brand and your product. If you don’t believe in your own label, who will? With social media being so prominent in our lives right now, it’s really important to be all over this on a daily basis, its a great tool to use to expose the brand on a global scale!

chloe chapman - trust your gut

 If fear ever shows up in your life, how do you move passed it?

I always stay really positive, and don’t let things get to me. Life’s too short to worry, I try to think… whats the worst that can happen? I’m really lucky that I am surrounded by a great family, friends and my boyfriend who are really supportive of me as well.

What’s one of the biggest risks you’ve taken and how did it feel to go for it?

Definitely launching my baby Aloé… It was very daunting and exciting at the same time. I actually didn’t start with much of my own money, which meant the people around me really had to believe in what I was doing… They didn’t think twice as they had no thought that I was going to fail. This is exactly the type of vibes you need surrounding you when you’re taking such a huge risk at such a young age. Im proud to say that it only took a few months before I had fully paid back the loans. It’s pretty cool to say you own your own business at 24!  I absolutely love every ounce of what I do and am so thankful for the people who believed in me right from the beginning!

What advice could you give to someone who knows what they would love to do, but haven’t gone for it?

Trust your gut. If it feels right, go for it! If you never try then you’ll never know.

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